Automatic & Division

by Newport American Dream

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released April 28, 2016



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Newport American Dream Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Automatic
You're so automatic to speak with arms cross static when I say
"Can we stay in tonight?"
I don't want to be on the other side
Of so called honesty
I only have one regret, of always handing off the keys it's better than giving sympathy
Our words our actions are empty
Can we stay in tonight?

Our empty space is interlaced with a constant missing
Never a face to face
I swear you're always losing the part of me

(you're saying I don't know left my feelings at home I know you're looking at your pocket with a message on your phone)

We're reaching out for things that are not even real
I'm to myself again and I am with you
Track Name: Division
You are the medicine that sleeps inside of skin
Instead of recovering, cover me blue and black
What does it feel like to twist into my side?

Start where the veins all end
That is where I feel you begin
Nothing is circling around my lungs again
What does it feel like to trigger my divide?

You keep my word at bay
The words I use to say and hurt myself
Its nothing special

A constant fight brings new life to my insides hurting
Its the look on your face (its the glare in your eyes) that keeps us going
When we fake apologies